Outreach Being with our Elders

Homebound Ministry

Contact Kathy Lombardozzi coordinator of the St. Thomas homebound ministry with questions or requests or volunteer interest. You may request a visit online or volunteer for outreach ministry online.

Parishioners are encouraged to register so they can be identified at the local hospitals and to let the church office know of those in need.

Hospital Visitation  (discontinued due to COVID 19)

Kathy Lombardozzi helps assist and coordinates the volunteers who visit parish members at both hospitals in town.

Senior Living Visitation 

Below is a listing of Church Volunteers who coordinate visits and take Holy Communion to those who are unable to attend Mass.

Aspen Meadows Retirement Residence (inactive due to COVID 19)
Mary Hellenthal
Ree Ott
Mass is scheduled the 3rd Tuesday every month, starting September 2018, at 10:00 am.  Word & Communion the 1st, 2nd, & 4th Thursday’s at 10 am in Chapel.

Aspen View Retirement Residence
Laura Sandoval
Holy Communion is taken to residents in their rooms weekly.

The Springs at Grand Park
Jan Winhofer & Peg Smith
Barb Junnila

St. John’s Lutheran Nursing Home
Legacy Building  Weekly Room Visits
Kathy Lombardozzi  &  Cheryl Murphy

Vista/Mission Ridge
Kathy Lombardozzi/ Frank Braun
Communion Services weekly Sundays 9:45 am. Vista chapel; Sunday 11:15 am Mission Ridge Chapel

Bella Terra Nursing Home

Communion in Rooms other Fridays of the month.

West Park Village
Bill Belinski, Linda Mosser, Audrey Parks
Jo Larson ( communion to the rooms for those unable to attend the service)
Communion Service every Saturday at 4 pm. Rosary each Thursday at 2:15 pm.

Highgate Senior Living (inactive due to COVID 19)

Maureen Shipp

Communion to the rooms 2 times a month

Autumn Springs
JoAnne Birkle, Maribeth Daines

Morning Star Senior Living
John Fekety, Jerry Powell, Kathy Lombardozzi
Service every Tuesday at 10:30 am.