Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.  These somber words echo in the ears of many of us for we have heard them at the beginning of the Lenten Season for years.  They invite us to reflect upon the reality of our limited time on this earth as well as how we have used this precious time God has given us for the good of God's kingdom.  The Lenten Season is a gift for us to grow in holiness and as disciples of Jesus.

If possible, I encourage you to take advantage of different opportunities within our parish community this Lenten Season.  Of course, we will continue to have daily Mass (unless there is a funeral) at 9:00 am Tuesday through Friday.  We hope to tape it and record it during the Lenten Season.  Adoration and Benediction will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm (February 24 - March 24) and Stations of the Cross on Fridays at 6:00 pm (February 19 - March 26).  Other experiences are available as well, simply check our parish bulletin.

Bishop Warfel has requested that parishes in our diocese continue to wear masks in church for the safety of the compromised until the vaccines are readily available to all.  We are anxiously awaiting that day!  Thank you again for your cooperation.

Our faith formation for our youth and children continues to hum along.  It is heart-warming to see the commitment of our parents in helping to pass the faith on to their children.  They have been taking on a more active role.  Joyce and Tiffany have adapted their formation process facing head-on the challenges of the pandemic.  You may want to check out Tiffany's podcast on tips for the Lenten Season.  Our RCIA team continues to work hard forming our Catechumen and Candidates in the faith.  There is a level of excitement growing among them.  Easter will again be a time of great joy!

Again, thank you for your continued financial support of our parish.  We cannot survive without you!

Have a blessed Lenten Season as we journey together, striving to be a people "alive in Christ."

Father Steve Zabrocki, Pastor

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Mass Online

Weekend Masses are being streamed LIVE, but please note the dispensation from our bishop continues to be in place.   
Weekend Liturgy on our YouTube page
The Way of the Cross  on YouTube here.
Adoration & Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament on You tube here.

Please click on the picture below to view our Live and previously LIVE liturgies on Facebook. 
Second Sunday of Lent


Mass Times

Our regular Mass schedule continues with these safety requirements:
* require masks for anyone over 5 years of age;
* require social distancing practices - families may sit close together;
* provide overflow in our Parish Center when maximum capacity is reached in the church;
*encourage anyone with compromised health concerns to join us here online through our livestream of the weekend Masses.

Saturday Vigil, 5:00 pm
Sunday, 8:30 am & 10:30 am
Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 am, Rosary Recited Prior

Penance & Reconciliation (Confession)
3:30 pm Saturday or By Appointment

See Mass intentions on pg. 3 of the updated bulletin below.


YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE.  Please click the link here to directly sign up during our Blood Drive, February 28th to March 6th.  Drive takes place at the Vitalant on the corner of 15th & Grand (1444 Grand Ave).  PLEASE - Be a blood donor - another great Lenten sacrifice.  (Sponsored by our own KC Council #13050) THANK YOU.


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The Sacraments keep our parish ALIVE IN CHRIST!

  • 2-14-21 Peter Mooneyham Baptism with Amelia
  • 2-14-21 Mooneyhams, godfather, Fr Steve
  • 2-14-21 Peter Konrad Mooneyham BAPTISM
  • 2-13-21 Finley Marie Filip with parents-godparents
  • 2-13-21 Finley Marie Filip BAPTISM
  • 2-13-21 Filip Family
  • 2-13-21 Sampson Baptism
  • 2-13-21 Miles Robert Sampson BAPTISM
  • 2-13-21 Miles Robert Sampson with parents-godparents
  • 2-6-21 Clark James Bethurem BAPTISM
  • 2-6-21 Bethurem Baptism
  • 2-6-21 Bethurem Family
  • 2-6-21 Pertuit Baptism
  • 2-6-21 Natalia Marie Pertuit BAPTISM
  • 2-6-21 Pertuit Family
  • 1-30-21 Lily Rose Breton BAPTISM
  • 1-30-21 Breton BAPTISM
  • 1-30-21 Madelyn Rose Malloy BAPTISM
  • 1-30-21 Malloy BAPTISM
  • 1-30-21 Breton & Malloy BAPTISM families
  • 1-29-21 Valerie Caton CONFIRMATION
  • 1-29-21 Valerie Caton CONFIRMATION family
  • 1-29-21 Valerie Caton & sponsor, Jan Ostermiller
  • 12-31-20 Danny & Michaela Neiter WEDDING
  • 12-29-20 Reagan Grace Flynn BAPTISM
  • 12-29-20 Flynn Baptism
  • 12-29-20 Flynn family
  • 12-20-20 Hayden Paige Bodine BAPTISM
  • 12-20-20 Bodine Baptism
  • 12-20-20 Hayden Paige Bodine with parents, godparents, Fr Steve
  • 12-19-20 Charles Dean Bruschwein BAPTISM
  • 12-19-20 Bruschwein Baptism
  • 12-19-20 Charles Dean Bruschwein with parents
  • 12-5-20 Dalton James Clark BAPTISM
  • 12-5-20 Clark Baptism
  • 12-5-20 Dalton James Clark with Family
  • 12-1-20 Wheeler Baptism - signing of the cross
  • 12-1-20 Louis Albert Wheeler BAPTISM
  • 12-1-20 Wheeler Family
  • 11-25-20 Chloe Ann Englert BAPTISM
  • 11-25-20 Englert Baptism
  • 11-25-20 Chloe Ann Englert with parents
  • 11-17-20 Joe Wheeler anointed CONFIRMATION
  • 11-17-20 Joe Wheeler laying of hands CONFIRMATION
  • 11-15-20 Teague Taylor Chase BAPTISM
  • 11-15-20 Chase family
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Haney sisters
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Fr. Wayne, Fr. Tom, Fr. Bob
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Amelia Reinhardt
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Natalie Humphrey
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Trace Chase & Anabel Fornshell
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Hudson Hedges with mom
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Sophia Clara
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Maxwell Quach
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Sophia Cooper & Trace
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Ellie Stergar
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Cooper Liberty
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Kaylee Massey
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Dylan Murillo
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Fr. Steve
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Barretto Family
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Bailey Ryan
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Ava Hammond
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Reno Ruffatto
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-William Hastings
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Avalynn Moffett
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Liam Heggem
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Hudson Hedges with dad
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Anne Haney
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Bryce Warn, Luke Glennon
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Wellers
  • 11-14-20 1st Reconciliation-Natalie Lannen
  • 10-24-20 Jackson & Guinevere Barthel MATRIMONY
  • 10-13-20 David Joseph Fabregas BAPTISM
  • 10-13-20 Fabregas Baptism Family attendees
  • 9-5-20 Landry & Anna Brockel MATRIMONY
  • 8-15-20 Jayson & Erin Robbins MATRIMONY
  • 8-11-20 Sloan King BAPTISM
  • 7-24-20 Jacob & Sammy Stanton MATRIMONY
  • 6-30-20 Everett Estrada & Nathan Bertucci BAPTISMS
  • 5-9-20 Sawyer Dane Henke BAPTISM
  • 5-3-20 Harper Sue Peters BAPTISM
  • 5-2-20 Oliver James Cunningham BAPTISM



Please sign up here to help with providing food, delivering food baskets on Palm Sunday, and/or taking part in Sponsor-A-Family (formerly Adopt-A-Family). 

Thank you for sharing the love that keeps us all ALIVE IN CHRIST.

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