Faith Sharing Small Groups


I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing.” – Luke 12:49


Respond to Father Steve’s invitation to enrich your walk of faith by sharing it with others through this powerful opportunity and gift. Sign up for a Companions in Christ faith sharing group by clicking this link. It is amazing how our own faith is strengthened and enriched by sharing it with others, and how we can experience so much more of what God is saying to us when we are prepared to encounter his Word–join a Companions in Christ faith sharing group to experience the transformative power of putting these two approaches together for an hour each week. This experience will help you to become more engaged and deliberate in your walk of faith with Jesus Christ. Please read on if you have further questions.

What are these?
Companions in Christ groups are adult, small (6-12 member) faith sharing groups unique to St. Thomas the Apostle, which meet weekly as part of the faith formation opportunities offered by our parish. These groups give you a way to strengthen your faith and enhance your experience of God in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist at Mass: engage in a weekly hour gathering to reflect more deeply on the scriptures, to grow in a prayerful relationship with Jesus, and to develop deeper bonds of faith with fellow parishioners.

Who are they for?
Companions in Christ groups are meant for you! All parishioners are encouraged to participate in a Companions in Christ group. Pursuing this kind of opportunity flows out of the success seen at other parishes, and also from our own parish community’s experiences of RENEW and LIVING THE EUCHARIST. All who wish to integrate their faith into their lives, and experience a meaningful redirection towards God should participate.

When & where do they meet? 
Companions in Christ groups meet in the homes of group members or at the parish in the evenings and during the day. As more join, more groups will be available, eventually meeting with a particular focus such as women’s/men’s groups. Groups are intended to meet weekly for an ongoing period of time as a natural extension of faith in participating regularly in the Sunday Mass. Plan to be faithful to your group as much as is possible from week to week–this is why the group leaders are asked to keep the meetings between 60-90 minutes. Though these groups can meet year round, the parish will invite you to join this opportunity at least each Fall & Lent.

What is the material?
Companions in Christ groups are meant above all to help nurture and enrich Christian discipleship, especially concerning the source & summit of our faith: the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist of Jesus Christ. Groups will reflect on the upcoming Sunday lectionary readings, focusing on each individual’s lived faith as prompted by guiding questions which facilitate spiritual, deep conversation. The material for Companions in Christ groups comes from Emmaus Journey, a free, online resource that provides guidelines and reflections from reputable, theologically sound Catholic ministers across the nation and world. The discussion questions are designed to engage the heart and stimulate conversation around growth in Christian discipleship.

How can I become involved in a Companions in Christ group?
Join a companions in Christ group by signing up online. For assistance, please contact Nick Coffman to find a group that fits your needs. All groups and prospective leaders are asked to register with the parish office to receive materials, training and to receive support from parish staff.

Learn More by watching this instruction video:

Leaders are needed at this time to help direct the group gatherings. As leaders volunteer, there will be both group and individual leader training provided by the Director of Adult Education at the parish. Please contact Nick Coffman if you are interested or have questions.