Adult Faith Sharing Small Groups

Faith Sharing-Adult Small Groups

Inquire about a faith sharing group today! Contact Mindy Sadler (406) 656-5800 or [email protected]  

Strengthen and enrich your faith by sharing it with others.  Father Steve invites us to join a Small Faith Sharing Group today!  
Faith sharing groups are small (6-9 adult) people who meet weekly to discuss their faith and how it pertains to their daily lives.  

What is the material?

We will be using the Gospel reading for the upcoming weekend mass, along with the reflection questions that are located in the weekly bulletin. 

What will the focus be?

The focus will be reading the Gospel and using the refection questions to share our faith as it related to our daily lives.  

Who are they for?
Everyone!!!  Faith-sharing groups are the way the first Christians gathered and continue through today!

When & where do they meet? 
We will meet once a week for six weeks at a time.  The location will be either at the host's home or at St. Thomas.  

How long will the meeting last?

up to 90 minutes