Liturgical Ministry

Called to Ministry-Assisting in St. Thomas Liturgical Ministries

Please consider becoming more richly involved in our corporate life of prayer and call to service by participating actively as a liturgical minister. It is through the celebration of the Eucharist that we are transformed in Christ’s presence in the World. As St. Augustine tells us: “Be what you see, receive what you are.” We are the Body of Christ!

For more information and involvement, please read the procedures below and contact the church office.

To leave a note about your interest in liturgical ministry, please follow this link: Liturgical Ministry Interest Online

Altar Server - Altar Server Procedures -

All people gather to give thanks to God in the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist, but the ministry of Altar Server lives out the Mass’ call to service in a concrete and immediate way. Being an Altar Server is a way to express your love for God by helping the whole community of faith to pray. Consider becoming an Altar Server; all ages are welcome–one is never too old to serve the Lord in this way!

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion - Extraordinary Minister Procedures, Communion Diagram, Post Communion Diagram
As Catholics, we believe that Jesus intended us to do what he did. We gather to eat and drink a sacred meal, the sacrifice of his own body and blood. All baptized Catholics in good standing with the Church are called to participate in the Supper of the Lord. If you have a special love for the Eucharist, consider becoming the very act of God’s self-giving love by sharing the Holy Communion with your sisters and brothers at Mass.

GreeterGreeter Minister Procedures, Greeter Diagram
We are called to imitate Christ by participating in His thanksgiving celebration. One of the most important ways we can show the love of Christ to others is by welcoming them with genuine care, learning names, sharing stories, and blessing each other for the week to come. Share in this special ministry for our community and live out the welcoming presence of Jesus for others.

Proclaimer of the WordProclaimer Procedures, Proclaiming the Word – EssentialsProcession DiagramLent Procession Diagram

When the Sacred Scriptures are proclaimed in the Church, God speaks to his people. The Proclaimer (lector) is the mouthpiece through which God speaks to the Church, so participating in this ministry means so much more than reading text–it means bringing to life the Glory of God’s Word for all to hear. We come to the “table of the Word” for insight, inspiration and invitation into the “table of the Eucharist.”

Sacristan - Sacristan Procedures

Sacristans are priceless–the Eucharist cannot be celebrated without preparation. The special care of preparing for the Mass is not unlike preparing for beloved guests at a grand dinner party. Quiet and behind the scenes, God blesses those who ready the way for the people to celebrate.

UsherUsher ProceduresCollection Diagram

Often unsung but nonetheless an essential liturgical ministry, Ushers help all to feel welcome, find their place, seek assistance with questions/needs, and bring our gifts as offering to the table of the Lord. This ministry of hospitality is central to living out the Eucharist, and is always in need of volunteers.

Ministry Scheduler:

Please use the Ministry Scheduler Pro to set up your ministry account, fill out available dates for servicing, preferred times, and see your scheduled dates.

Ministry Scheduler Pro also allows for requesting for substitutes when the need arises. You can fulfill sub requests through the app as well. 


Liturgical Vocabulary Lexicon

"In Christian tradition [the word 'liturgy'] means the participation of the People of God in 'the work of God.' Through the liturgy Christ, our redeemer and high priest, continues the work of our redemption in, with, and through his Church... [The liturgy] engages the faithful in the new life of the community and involves the 'conscious, active, and fruitful participation' of everyone." - Catechism of the Catholic Church nos. 1070,1071